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Our story and the story
of grandfather Leon Lein.

Mickel, jack-of-all-trades, handyman, chatterbox and above all my partner in crime.

Janne, young lady of the house, cheerful, cool hiphop star, who loves to give you the tour and welcomes you with a smile.

Tineke, yep that’s me, some of my friends call me chaos-coordinator, I like to see myself as your hostess who welcomes you with pleasure.

Pufy, that is our rescue dog. She originally comes from Spain where she was abandoned. We gave her a warm place in our home. She is cheerful and sweet and loves to be petted.

We together, that’s a family, who likes to share their favourite place with you, have a chat now and then, and want to give you a beautiful memory.

Family is an important part for us, and in this place. It is in our blood to welcome you.

At the campfire, we like to tell you our family story through the eyes of Leon Lein, grandfather of Mickel. You will be amazed of what can happen in a human life and how you can come home after many detours.

You can discover not only the rich history, but also the creative present.

This experience came about with the support of the Province of West Flanders.

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